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Specialist mental health treatment to help get lives back on track

Aspris Wellbeing Centre is located in the beautiful and contemporary City Walk in Dubai. Our new state-of-the-art clinic provides a friendly, welcoming and modern environment, ideal for starting your journey on the road to recovery.

Our clinic is staffed by a highly qualified and dedicated multidisciplinary team of leading psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists, with extensive expertise in treating a wide range of mental health conditions for children and adults. This includes anxiety, stress and depression, as well as further support for children with autism and ADHD.

We offer bespoke treatment plans tailored to you or your child’s individual needs to ensure we achieve the very best outcomes and help to get lives back on track. For more information on the range of services we support, please click here.

Our specialist services

We offer a wide range of mental health services at Aspris Wellbeing Centre. These include:

  • Psychiatric care for children and adults
  • Psychological therapy for children and adults
  • Education and learning support
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Multidisciplinary support for children with special needs

What you can expect from our treatment:

  • High quality, evidence-based mental healthcare services for children and adults
  • Modern and state-of-the-art facilities with noise controlled rooms
  • A highly experienced internationally trained team of experts and leading clinicians
  • Customized treatment plan that is carefully tailored to the specific needs of adults and children to achieve the optimum outcomes
  • Clinical standards to match those offered in the UK

Tailored treatment

Every person we support receives a personalised treatment programme. An initial consultation enables our expert team to understand the challenges each individual faces, and to recommend and deliver the most appropriate course of treatment, which could be either an individual or group intervention.

We offer the following as part of treatment at Aspris Wellbeing Centre:

  • Suitable timings
  • Convenient and serene location (next to City Walk mall)
  • Diagnostic assessments
  • Family oriented location (activity for all members)
  • Playground for children
  • Modern facilities with discreet treatment rooms and waiting areas
  • Fast access to high-quality therapy
  • Evidence-based treatment plans
  • Total confidentiality throughout the whole process
  • Treatment from a team of internationally-trained mental health specialists
  • The choice of online therapy

An environment suited to recovery

Aspris Wellbeing Centre is a state-of-the-art facility which has been purpose-built for those seeking a calm and peaceful environment in a vibrant city.

Our brand new modern clinic was specifically designed with our patients in mind, and features ambient lighting, air purifying greenery, comfortable seating and a European inspired interior, making it a relaxing, warm environment. There is also ample parking and a dedicated children’s playground located near to the Wellbeing Centre.

Accessible pricing

We offer a range of accessibly-priced treatment and therapy options tailored to the individual’s needs. You can pay for therapy directly, or if you have private medical insurance, it is likely you will be able to access our services through your policy.

At our Aspris Wellbeing Centre, we accept direct billing through the following insurance companies:

What our patients say

“After our sessions, I feel like I am back on track with working towards my goals and better equipped to tackle the challenges I may encounter.” Patient


“I have learned to become more aware of my triggers and feelings and know how to act accordingly! This has made my stress level way lower and has set the expectations for my day and my family around me.” Patient


“Fantastic treatment. Staff are very kind and highly competent. Treatment was very thorough and effective.” Patient

How to find us

Aspris Wellbeing Centre in City Walk, Dubai

We're based in the heart of Dubai's City Walk. A vibrant new neighbourhood and leisure destination close to the iconic Burj Khalifa building. 

There are a number of ways to get to our Wellbeing Centre.

By Dubai Metro:

Take the Red Line and get off at the stop - Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall.

Please click here to find the nearest metro station.

By car:

You can find us at the below address. We have also produced a helpful video below providing further guidance on how to find the nearest car park.

Aspris Wellbeing Centre,
Building 19,
Al Nuzha Street,
City Walk

Telephone: (+971) 4 385 4493

Nearest parking:

Aspris Wellbeing Centre in City Walk

Contact us

To book an appointment at Aspris Wellbeing Centre in City Walk , please call our friendly team today on: (+971) 4 385 4493 or submit an enquiry form in confidence. 

We will provide you with details on all our treatments and offer help on how to support yours or your child's mental health and wellbeing.


Your journey to a better life

“My Psychologist, she is amazing, very cheerful and welcoming. She can change your life in every way possible. I recommend her for everyone looking for the best psychology sessions in the town. It doesn’t feel like I'm going for medical sessions, it just feels like you are talking to your soul, and now I really feel the change and better.” Patient