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  • UK provider of behavioural care is expanding its services, with the launch of a new centre in Dubai
  • New clinic will treat those with mental health issues including stress and anxiety, depression (including post-natal depression), and life difficulties (relationships, work and bereavement)

Dubai, UAE is to become home to a new mental healthcare clinic which will be fully integrated with Priory’s facilities in the UK to provide quality, evidence-based behavioural care to the UAE.

Priory is a provider of mental healthcare in the UK, and is opening its first overseas facility in Dubai’s prestigious Healthcare City (DHCC).



Based in the heart of this health and wellness destination, the Priory Wellbeing Centre, which officially opens on March 5, 2017, will provide treatment for a wide range of conditions including depression, stress, and anxiety-related conditions including obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and panic attacks.

Will Goodwin, managing director of Priory Group in the Middle East, said: “I am extremely excited to expand our care internationally, particularly within the UAE.

“Every year many people reach the point of needing mental health support. Our specialists can provide confidential bespoke support and treatment tailored to particular needs and goals.”

The Priory Group has invested AED 2m in the Centre which will be staffed by psychiatrists and counsellors, led by Priory’s Middle East Medical Director, Dr Saaed Islam. 

The Centre has seven rooms for one-to-one patient consultations, two group rooms, and flexible consulting hours including the option of evening appointments. It offers treatment and therapy covered by private medical insurance or self-funding for the local and expat community.

The Priory Wellbeing Centre, opening in Dubai, a global city and business hub of the Middle East, is the latest in a series of Wellbeing Centres launched by the Priory Group across the UK, including one in the heart of London’s financial district, the Fenchurch Street Wellbeing Centre, which was recently featured on the Al Arabiya news channel.  

Dr Islam said: “The opening of this new Wellbeing Centre, under the internationally acclaimed Priory brand, will be a huge asset to the effective delivery of mental health services in Dubai and will allow our team to reach out to patients - both Emirati as well as expats. We know from the ongoing success of these clinics in London and other key cities across the UK that there is a demand for accessible mental health support and treatment and I believe that nobody – whatever their age, gender, profession or culture should ever be scared or ashamed to seek help.” 

He added: “There are many reasons why a region or country sees a higher prevalence of a specific condition but we hope that by offering a friendly and discreet service, we can play an active part in identifying and addressing these issues and supporting our patients towards long-term recovery.” 

DHCC has close to 160 clinical partners including hospitals, outpatient medical centres and diagnostic laboratories across 150 plus specialities with licensed professionals from almost 90 countries, strengthening its medical tourism portfolio. 

The Priory hopes that by extending its successful model of discreet and fast access Wellbeing Centres into such a well-respected area of Middle East healthcare, those requiring care, support and advice will be encouraged to seek help.

Across the UAE, the issue of teen mental health can be complex with multiple causes, often due to the volume of young people having to navigate a new lifestyle at a crucial stage during their adolescence.

However, from early March the team at the Wellbeing Centre will be able to offer bespoke treatments for a comprehensive list of conditions that are not exclusive to the Middle East, such as anxiety, executive “burnout” and other issues sometimes exacerbated by an unhealthy use of social media.