Irina Fernandes

Irina Fernandes - Aspris Wellbeing Centre, Dubai

Irina is a goal oriented and dedicated centre manager at our outpatient facility and carries out various administrative duties. Apart from managing the overall wellbeing centre in Dubai, Irina oversees the daily management operations, leading the healthcare facility and ensuring smooth running of the daily tasks, assessing the staffing needs, managing and supporting the existing staff, developing plans for the clinic and maximizing productivity at the workplace.

She is passionate about delivering outstanding patient care and will motivate and engage the team to deliver the same. Irina ensures the efficient daily operations of our wellbeing centre in order to support our clinicians in attending to the patient needs.

Irina enjoys spending time with her family and loves cooking. She specializes in Caribbean cuisine and her favourite dish to cook is called Jerk-spiced beef sirloin, which tastes better than it sounds.