Graeme Weymes

Graeme Weymes - Operations Director (Middle East), Priory-Aspris

Graeme is the Operations Director for Priory-Aspris Middle East having previously worked for Priory Group to manage its Glasgow Hospital and its Consulting practices in Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

In 2015, the Glasgow Hospital was awarded the Priory’s UK “Site of the Year” for its standards of care, and going into 2019 Graeme received the CEO’s “Outstanding Leadership” award. In 2019, the Royal College of Psychiatrists recognised the unit as "Outstanding" under its Quality Network of Eating Disorders' accreditation.

In 2022, Graeme moved to the Middle East to become the Operations Director for Priory-Aspris in order to support the delivery of healthcare services; sourced out of Riyadh, Dubai and Abi Dhabi.

The younger Graeme was an amateur rugby player, and adding to his list of awards, he was the heaviest rugby back in his time. Graeme now enjoys less aggressive sports such as golf.